Wendy Strain – Communications Consultant

What could be more natural than just telling your story?

But to serve your clients and get results for your business, you need to know which part of that story goes where .

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Messaging and Productivity Tips

Natural messaging allows you to connect with your visitors and make them friends. They benefit from your services, you benefit from their support, and everyone achieves more of their goals. Speaking of meeting more of your goals, sometimes it just takes a small tweak in your process to accomplish a great deal more. In the weekly newsletter, I’ll share tips and suggestions about how to kick these processes into motion and have more fun doing it.

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                             What is Content Marketing?    
                                    Additional Services

Content marketing has the ability to build your brand, generate targeted leads, elevate your brand above your competitors, educate your audience, and bring them to your door already 60% convinced they want to do business with you – all while allowing you to remain true to your authentic self.

♦ Custom content guide
White papers / Case studies
♦ Periodicals / Brochures
♦ Press releases
♦ Content site audit
Web page content
Blogged articles
♦ Email / Newsletters
Social media strategy
♦ Video scripts

Grant writing NEH, NSF, NIH, NASA, DOT, and private funding agencies contributing to approximately $37.5M in awarded proposals, consulting and project management.
Presentations – Environmental sustainability, writing, and grant writing workshops. Soon to be released online grant writing class.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field by publishing the book on your topic. Inspire and assist people create their own transformations by sharing your personal story, triumph over adversity or rising to the top, hiring a Ghostwriter may be the solution to your shortage of time. Editing services are also available.

Wendy Strain is one of those people that one might call an empath if they were a StarTrek fan. She is amazingly perceptive. She incorporates her own peaceful, Zen-like approach into every project she is involved with. She synthesizes the information and data she gathers into efficiently organized written presentations. She articulates and verbally illustrates information that might otherwise be dry and boring with her own insights and impressions; making her ultimate production an engaging document that tells a story and is fun to read.

~Tony Wood, Director of the National Spill Control School

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